I share your passion for beautiful forms, color and minimalist interior design and I deeply believe that great design can change the way people see the world.

As an interior designer I aspire to refine daily life of my clients by creating unique spaces that embody their true passions and needs and let them live the life they always wanted.

Simplicity and comfort are the key features in my minimalist interior design projects, here is a glimpse of my work.

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Justyna helped us with renovation of our house. We are very happy with the final result, now our house feels like home. We appreciate the time she spent to understand our needs as a family to come up with a proposed approach. Justyna was open to any suggestions from our side. She helped us to create a minimalist yet warm atmosphere in our living room. Our daughter loves her new room that can be transformed as she grows. We definitely recommend Justyna.

Aleksandra Gutowska

We worked with Justyna when we just bought our new house and we're struggling how to decorate it. Justyna was very flexible in tailoring her advice to our needs: we needed to come up with a fresh interior and had no idea where to start, and Justyna guided us through this very smoothly. In addition to this, my girlfriend and I have very different tastes and were struggling to combine this into something we both like. Justyna swiftly figured out which specific elements in the respective styles were important for us and combined this into an advice, which matched. If you do have a question about your interior design, whether it's big or small, I'd definitely recommend consulting Justyna.

Chris Wouterlood

We asked Justyna to suggest a makeover of our attic- a storage space that we wanted to turn into a cozy working room for two and a guest room. She managed to translate our wishes into a design that addressed our personal style and which also fit to the composition of the rest of our house. She incorporated our suggestions into her project and gave us a lot of outside-the-box ideas that helped us create a unique place where we love to spend our time.

Ewa Komorowska

For our new home, we spoke with Justyna during In-Home Design Consultation. We have thought about what we like and how the interior should look, but then .. Where the ideas end with us, Justyna takes it up. She listened carefully to our story / wishes and then clearly indicated what you should do and what not to do. Incredibly fun and useful tips that we had not come up with ourselves. If you want to tackle your interior, I absolutely recommend Justyna!

Pieter Vonk

Justyna is a woman who listens well to your wishes and asks many questions! She comes up with a lot of ideas! She makes a well thought-out plan that you can work with yourself or what she can further develop and implement! If something is not to your liking, she will adjust it and come back with different options!

Cindy Eevenaar

Justyna helped us fantastically with the transformation of a 1970s bungalow with an interior garden into a light and open house. We came from a 1930's home and this new home called for a refreshing new approach. We love design but also have a busy work and family life. The challenge was to bring these two things together and make the most of the character of the house. Through a careful intake interview, she quickly knew what our housing wishes were and how we live as a family. Justyna's strength is that she is not "stuck" in a specific living style, but listens carefully to the wishes of the customer and looks at the character of the house. Conceptually, her vision perfectly matched our wishes to make the interior more in line with the construction of the house around the garden.

– Marlies Verschure

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