Just imagine

a beautifully personalized home that feels like a second skin and makes you instantly calm and happy.

If this is your dream, you are in the right place. Welcome to Inside Creations, luxury interior design studio.

Simply beautiful living

You can relax knowing that I will design for you a beautiful and highly functional living space that meets your daily rituals, personal needs and unique taste. 

This is what a true luxury interior design is.

I believe your home is where
everything begins

A well-designed space, with your personal needs in mind, will have a significant impact on your life.

Are you thinking about renovating a space in your home? Planning to buy or build your dream house? I would love to be part of your journey. I will be delighted to create personal spaces that matter to you and your family and make the design process stress free and easy for you.

Inside Creations creates beautiful functional interiors that enrich your life – because you deserve

a lifestyle you desire.

Meet the designer

I am Justyna Remijn, an interior designer and owner of Inside Creations, a boutique luxury interior design office based in Amsterdam area.

My specialty is revealing your hidden needs and translating them into an exceptional beautiful one-of-a-kind home. The result is a serene and truly unique space, you will be proud to show to people you care about.

What my clients say:

My home is now not only beautiful, it is cozy. Justyna managed to take our vague, sometimes contradictory ideas and anxiousness and turn it into with something that we all love. We would still be sitting on plastic chairs looking at dark green and pink walls if she had not come into our lives. We would never have achieved the timeless style and sophistication that she designed for us. I especially would have never chosen the colors on my ownand yet it is the colors that she helped us to embrace that really bring peace and comfort into the space, something that we as a family really desired for our place.

Diana Turney

We worked with Justyna to help with a redecoration of our rental home in Heemstede. She took a lot of time to understand our preferences and to brainstorm with us on how we wanted our home to feel, to look like, and to flow. She was quick in coming back to us with a proposal and also quick to adapt to changes we wanted to make in the planning. Her colors, ideas, and design philosophy matched very well with ours. We would definitely recommend her for your next project!

Tom Howze

We have asked Justyna to redesign our living room with an open kitchen. We wanted to create a cozy and light-filled living room and separate dining corner. We were looking for a functional layout with lots of storage space. Justyna succeeded where my husband and I did not: in finding a common style! She is a good listener and a very good professional; she followed our project from concept till the end with a great dedication. She has designed a custom-made room divider that has precisely met our wishes. Finally, she is certainly able to advise from low budget to luxury furniture, which is a rare quality. Her design truly meets the words “Creating spaces inspired by you”.

Severina Scarnecchia

Justyna from INSIDE CREATIONS has an amazing sense of the client's needs and is able to translate it into the project of the interior she creates. Justyna has designed for me an ergonomic yet elegant space that meets the standards of the therapeutic workspace (psychologist and masseur) and takes care of the clients’ comfort. I recommend her!

Dorota Herc

Justyna thinks "out of the box" and that is why we have added surprising elements. Her idea of placing a moss wall, a vertical garden, is brilliant and corresponds to the inner garden. The lighting plan, often the most difficult part of an interior, is beyond expectations. With its layout and a clear living function per room, we use the entire house. We are very happy with her advice and are fully enjoying it.

- Marlies Verschure

In my work as a luxury interior designer, I listen carefully to you and research in-depth your passions.

I will bring definition and creativity, taking your ideas and goals and transforming them into your dream interior.

I will take care of the whole design process and let you free your time to focus on your family, your work, your travel and recreation.