My name is Justyna Remijn

I am an interior designer, creating bespoke spaces that will arouse your curiosity, speak to your senses and make you fall in love.

I help busy professionals to live the lifestyle they always dreamed about by providing my clients with luxury artisan interiors that embody color, beautiful forms and light. I offer a bespoke high touch interior design service, based on in-depth investigation of my client’s passions and careful listening to their needs.

My philosophy

I believe that our surroundings have a huge impact on us, the way we feel, think, and behave. We become the space we are living in, and our internal balance depends on how our home looks like.

I believe that a good interior design is a form of a practical art; it is an experience not just objects. A beautiful and fully personalized interior design delivers benefits that will improve my client’s lives for years and will liberate them to live the lifestyle they always wanted.

Through my work as an interior designer I want to create a luxury in people’s lives by designing the living spaces in a way that respects their deepest needs and aspirations.

Design roots / Authenticity /Artistic Twist

Although born and raised in Poland, my DNA is truly multicultural. From the first moments of my life I was surrounded by a mix of different cultures: Polish, Jewish, Tatar, and Belarusian. This has strongly shaped my high sensitivity to colors, forms, and art.

Moving to and living in the Netherlands added just a new flavor. I travel a lot; I absorb the world, its diversity and capture it in my interior designs. This archive of senses and recollections that I have accumulated over the years fuels my design work and strengthens my natural intuition for beauty and colour.

By my very nature, I oppose anything that is trendy and conventional. As an interior designer, I am not interested in creating spaces that appeal to all. I do not follow trends.

I do listen to you, observe, delve, and look out for what is unspoken. All with one purpose in mind, to create a space that will tell your story. At the core of each design lies always your (and your loved ones) unique aesthetic and your demand for quality, longevity, comfort and functionality. I simply bring into a form, with my own twist.

My quirky, eclectic mix of textures, forms, and different styles has one in common: deep love for clean lines, sensuality and color. I believe that true luxury is comfort and simplicity.

​Being extremely sensitive to colors and trained in color psychology, I ensure unexpected color combinations that will not only emphasize the architecture of the space but most importantly will support your state of wellbeing. I am also known for creating light and harmony. Like in my photography, I create a feel of intimacy with minimal means.

An interior design without purpose is pointless. That is why every interior I create, is made for you and with you in mind.

Say Hello

One of my favorite parts of the design process is getting to know you and learning about what you love — the nuances of your unique personality. 

Are you ready to work with an interior designer? Or maybe you’d prefer to chat with me first to get to know me better? Either way, I would love to hear from you.

Let’s get in touch and talk about your project.